On July 8, an international exhibition of children’s drawings opened in the Library of Anhui Province of the Department of Culture of the Government of Anhui Province (People’s Republic of China).

This exposition is the result of the event “Chuvashia – China” organized in the framework of the international project “The Fairy-Tale World of Friendship”.

As you know, the event “Chuvashia – China” was initiated by the National Library. The children from Chuvashia drew pictures based on the Chinese fairy tales, and their peers from the province of Anhui of the People’s Republic of China – pictures based on the Russian fairy tales. The exhibition of children’s drawings “The Fairy-Tale World of Friendship” opened on June 15 in the National Library of Chuvashia and was awarded the most rapturous comments of the visitors.

And now the residents of the Anhui province can also enjoy the sincerity of children’s creativity, the national color of each picture, once again recall the kind, instructive tales of their people and get acquainted with the parables and legends of another country. The exposition has already been characterized by the partners from China as a unique international cultural event. On the website of the Library of Anhui Province it is highlighted that the exhibition is amazingly colorful, interesting and expressive and it is a continuation of the dialogue of two cultures and friendship between Russia and China.

The exhibition is equally interesting to the people of all ages. On July 9, it was visited by the foreign students from the AIESEC (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales) who admired the picturesque works of art.

The exhibition is supported by Lin Xudong, Director of the Library of Anhui Province, who believes that the success of this project gives great opportunities for further cooperation.

Exhibition on the website of the Library of Anhui Province (the works of children from Chuvashia and the works of the Chinese children)

Online exhibition “The Fairy-Tale World of Friendship”>>>

Written by Nadezhda Vishnevskaya, tel. 23-02-17, ext. 136