From July to September, the republican social action “Write a Letter to Parents” was held in Chuvashia. The action was initiated by the National Library of the Chuvash Republic in conjunction with  the Chuvash Republic branch of  “Russian Post” and is aimed at popularization of traditional family values and strengthening of spiritual interrelations between generations.

 In the National Library and the central libraries of the regions of Chuvashia, special tables were decorated with paper, pens, envelopes, and somewhere with a symbolic mailbox. Inhabitants of the republic within the framework of the action completely free of charge sent almost 900 letters to their relatives and friends. Cheboksary, Novocheboksarsk, Kanash, as well as Alikovsky, Batyrevsky, Vurnarsky, Ibresinsky, Komsomolsky, Krasnochetaisky, Morgaushskyi, Yalchikskyi and Yantikovskvka regions of the republic took the most active part in the action. It is gratifying that in the Year of the Mother and Father the action attracted the sincere attention of young readers and young parents. For them, especially the “living letter” in the envelope is an outlandish, unusual, rare item. And then librarians hurried to help, telling about the history of the development of the epistolary genre, presenting a variety of publications with the publication of correspondence of literary and historical figures, inspiring participants with the recited excerpts of amazing letters of the 18-19th centuries. Warm messages were written with great enthusiasm, dreamily thinking of the formulations and smiling at the successful verbal finds, overcoming the difficulties arising in the form of forgotten mailing addresses. We want to believe that everyone and all together were warmed by the idea of how their relatives and close people will be pleasantly surprised and delighted with the “living” letters.

The organizers of the action hope that with its completion the stream of good, “living” messages will not dry out, the desire to deliver such simple joy to their loved ones – an envelope in the mailbox will not be lost.

 Be attentive to your loved ones, give them warm words and smiles, write them sincere letters.