On March 14, the National Library of the Chuvash Republic hosted a book presentation «One hundred stanzas». From Chuvash allegorical poetry. The author of the idea and the compiler of the colourful, informative publication is the musicologist, folklorist, doctor of art criticism, professor, honored artist of the Russian Federation, member of the USSR Composers’ Union Mikhail Kondratiev.


Chuvash song folklore goes back to ancient times. A special place in it is occupied by the Chuvash quatrains “ҫavra yurӑ”, which literally means “rounded” (in the sense of completeness) songs. For the first time in world history, Chuvash poetry is represented as a branch of the eastern allegorical tradition. Chuvash ” ҫavra yurӑ ” can be safely placed in a row with Japanese tankas and hokku, Chinese shek, Turkish mani and tuyug, Korean sijos, etc.

With the release of a new edition Mikhail Kondratyev was congratulated by friends and associates scientists, statesmen and public figures, scientists and writers. The speakers noted the uniqueness and high artistic significance of the book, revealing the spiritual wealth and wisdom of the Chuvash people.

The Chuvash stanzas-quatrains were translated into English by a well-known philologist, translator Peter France. Thanks to this event, representatives of other countries and peoples have an opportunity to get acquainted with the Chuvash oral folk art. The guest of the event, literary critic, publicist, orientalist philologist Atner Khuzangai, told about this amazing man, who shows a keen interest in Chuvash culture. The new book is richly illustrated with paintings by honored artist of the Chuvash Republic Stanislav Yukhtar. His works are distinguished by the depth of penetration into the sacred world of ancestors, the main theme in the works is history, religion, culture and mythology of ancient Chuvashes.

According to Stanislav Nikolaevich, the book «One hundred stanzas. From Chuvash allegorical poetry» will certainly join the world of other languages.

Summing up the event, the compiler of the collection, Mikhail Kondratiev, expressed great hope that “this book will work for the benefit of culture.”

A pleasant gift for all guests was a lively and emotional performance of the folklore group “Yantal”.

Михаил Кондратьев представил новый сборник