On May 15, the National Library of the Chuvash Republic hosted an event, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of the scientist-folklorist, Chuvash writer, poet, translator Gennady Yumart. Being a well-known literary critic he wrote critical and bibliographic articles on poetry and prose, literary connections. In his works he covered the creative path of Chuvash, Russian and world authors, published archival materials. He is actively engaged in translation. He translated works of Russian, Tatar, Byelorussian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian and other poets into the Chuvash language.

The event, organized with the Chuvash State Institute of Human Sciences, was attended by scientists, artists and cultural figures, representatives of the media, students of the educational institutions of Chuvashia. But the main guest was Gennady Yumart. The program was rich and informative. The participants of the evening noted the research activity of the scientist, popularization of the Chuvash epos, legends about Chuvash heroes, historical and epic songs. They¬† congratulated our famous writer,¬† told about his life and creative path of an outstanding researcher. Gennady Yumart was characterized as the most meticulous researcher and the best expert of folklore. “The personality of Yumart is a big phenomenon in the culture of the end of the twentieth century, which went down in history,” the scientists noted. Yumart through folklore saw the history of the Chuvash people. A great interest was attracted by the report of Candidate of Philology Irina Sofronova on the topic “East in the Creative Work of G. Yumart”. A pleasant gift was the performance of students of the Chuvash State University and the national artist of the Chuvash Republic docent Ivan Ivanov, who performed poetry and songs on the poems of Gennady Yumart.

In the second part of the evening a presentation of the biobibliographical index “Gennady Fedorovich Yumart”, prepared by the National Library of the Chuvash Republic, was held. The book is dedicated to the life and work of Gennady Yumart – a scientist-folklorist, poet, translator, textologist, honored worker of culture of the Chuvash Republic, laureate of the State Award named after. K.W. Ivanova. It includes separate editions and works of the poet, published in periodicals and collections in the Chuvash, Russian languages from 1954 (the beginning of his creative activity) to April 2018, as well as publications on his life and work -1334 bibliographic records.

Summarizing the event, Gennady Yumart thanked the authors of the biobibliographical index for their great work, shared his creative plans and concluded the evening with his poems.