On June 7, the opening of the third exhibition of children’s drawings of the project “The Fairy-Tale World of Friendship”: Chuvashia-Abkhazia” was held at the National Library of the Chuvash Republic, bringing together children from the school camp and teachers of Gymnasium № 4 in Cheboksary, librarians and simply creative people.


The new exposition represents more than 20 works of children from Chuvashia based on Abkhazian folk tales, and from Abkhazia – based on Russian and Chuvash fairy tales, and is the result of the action “Chuvashia – Abkhazia” organized by the National Library of the Chuvash Republic within the framework of the international project “The Fairy-Tale World of Friendship”.

The unique beauty of nature of the Caucasus can be glorified not only in prose and poetry, songs and dances, but also with the help of brushes and paints. All the works of the regional children’s art schools, who took part in the action from the Chuvash Republic, are inspired by sincere emotions. Every illustration is executed in its unique manner, technique and painting, is filled with mood, harmony. In most of the drawings we can see mountains, local people in national costumes, stories from the Abkhazian legends, fairy tales, beauty of the nature of the Caucasus. Invaluable help to children was provided by teachers, under whose guidance they were engaged in creativity.

At the opening of the exhibition a meeting with the poet, novelist, songwriter and storyteller, Honored Worker of Culture of Chuvashia Galina Belgalis took place. Galina Alekseevna told the children about the importance of fairy tales in our lives, teaching us kindness, love to animals, forcing us to reconsider our inner world. Throughout the whole meeting, the author led a sincere dialogue with children about fairy tales, asking important questions. The children came to the conclusion that fairy tales teach mutual aid, kindness, openness, friendliness, they talked about what “beauty” and ” kindness ” mean.

During the conversation Galina Alekseevna read poems, told wise stories and together with the children performed a touching song of her composition.

Also, the children got acquainted with the puppet story about two cats, staged by the director Oleg Romanov and heard a wise Abkhazian tale “Two Mice”, performed by the head of the studio “Van Goghi” Alexander Yakovlev.

Alla Ibrahim, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, Syria and the Union of Artists of Abkhazia, shared her impressions of Abkhazia, its rich culture and history, traditions and customs, and its unique nature.

The organizers thanked all partners and participants of the event for their help in the opening of the exhibition of children’s drawings “The Fairy-Tale World of Friendship”.

On the site of the National Library there is a virtual exhibition “Fairy-Tale World of Friendship”, which will allow you to plunge into the magical world of children’s creativity.