On September 19, the National Library of the Chuvash Republic hosted an evening of poetry “His soul was winged”, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the birth of the national poet of Dagestan, Rasul Gamzatov.


The  evening of poetry was attended by the representatives of the Community of Peoples of Dagestan in the Chuvash Republic, national writers and poets, cultural figures, teachers, students and librarians. Admirers of talent of Rasul Gamzatov gathered to express genuine love for him and pay tribute to the memory of the poet.

The evening was opened with a demonstration of video films about Dagestan and poet Rasul Gamzatov. The audience was immersed in the atmosphere of the national mountain culture: they listened to folk tunes, watched photos of a unique natural world that is inconceivable without auls, hovering eagles, shepherds’ flocks, without murmur of springs, without  valleys winding in the mountains of roads.

It was through the prism of creativity of Rasul Gamzatov that the world saw Dagestan in all its cultural uniqueness. It’s hard to name another poet who would have expressed in such a fullness, versatility in the word – love to the motherland, sang it in poems and prose.

The chairman of the Community of Dagestan peoples in the Chuvash Republic Yakub Gusenov spoke about the eternal and great significance of the poet’s work, he told interesting stories related to Rasul Gamzatov. They clearly showed the sensitivity, the attention of the poet to people, his courage and wit, a unique memory and boundless kindness.

The narration about the creative and life path of the national poet of Dagestan was combined with a demonstration of photo chronicles, declamation of poetic works.

The decoration of the poetry evening  was the performance of the students of  Chuvash Universities and technical Schools. They read the most famous poem of Rasul Gamzatov “Cranes” in the languages of the peoples of Dagestan, Azerbaijan and Turkmen languages. The delighted audience applauded enthusiastically.

Guests of the evening were fascinated by the poetic declamation of students of the Cheboksary Professional College and students of the Gymnasium  about peace and friendship, about the motherland, about the worship to the mother, about the love to the  woman .They touched the fascination and greatness of Rasul Gamzatov, felt the deep nationality of his personality, the beauty of wise poetic  lines.

 Great interest of the guests was caused by the excited story of the honored teacher of the Chuvash Republic, the honorable worker of the general education of the Russian Federation Viktor Deltsov. He shared his memories of life in Dagestan and impressions of the beautiful creativity and extraordinary personality of the poet, read his favorite verses of Rasul Gamzatov.

The people’s poet, translator, honored worker of culture of the Chuvash Republic Yuri Semender was very warm and heartfelt. Thanking the organizers and participants of the holiday, he spoke about the fact that poetry lives only in the lightest and kindest sides of the soul. Yuri Semender noted the great importance of Rasul Gamzatov for the whole world culture, that his work is an inexhaustible and incombustible source for the creativity of contemporary writers. Also he  spoke about the importance of further strengthening the ties of the Chuvash and Dagestan people, wished young people creative inspiration, luck and happiness.

The evening passed in a warm, spiritual atmosphere, leaving a bright trace in the souls of all participants and guests of the holiday. Rasul Gamzatov’s poetry does not threaten oblivion, as it is deeply human and international.

 At the end of the literary evening the admirers of the creative work of Rasul Gamzatov exchanged opinions, impressions, looked through a book exhibition, made photos, expressed gratitude for an interesting poetic.