On October 19, a solemn meeting was held at the National Library of the Chuvash Republic. It was held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the outstanding linguist, literary and art researcher, social and political leader Atner Khuzangai. The event was attended by scientists, cultural workers and artists, writers, journalists, teachers, students.


Anatoly Ukhtiyarov, First Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Chuvash Republic, Vice-President of the Chuvash National Congress, gave a detailed report on the life and activities of Atner Khuzangai and expressed his gratitude for his productive work on the preservation and development of the Chuvash national culture.

The topic was picked up by a member of the presidium of the Chuvash National Congress, Nikolai Lukiyanov, focusing the audience’s attention on the social and political activities of Atner Khuzangai. A lively discussion took place at a round table on the topic “Chuvash philology as a cultural and spiritual integrity: reality or illusion?” Prominent scholars of our time shared their thoughts and views on the given topic.

From 1978-1990 Atner Khuzangai worked as a teacher at the I.N. Ulyanov Chuvash State University, the department of Chuvash linguistics, and raised a lot of honored and talented teachers. From many regions of the Chuvash Republic delegations of teachers came to this meeting with songs and creative performances to congratulate their preceptor on the anniversary.

Many warm words and wishes addressed to the hero of the day were said by, cultural workers and artists, writers, teachers and his grateful students. A great holiday for all the guests was the performance of the National Artist of the USSR, the mother of Atner Khuzangai, the inimitable Vera Kuzmina.

The evening was held in a warm and festive atmosphere, leaving a bright, memorable impression in a series of cultural events in Chuvashia.