On November 20, the National Library of the Chuvash Republic held a round table meeting “The heritage of Mikhail Sirotkin, Nikolai Rezukov and Sergey Yushkov in the contemporary context” in honor of the anniversaries of Chuvash scholars. The event was attended by figures of science, education, culture, teachers of the Chuvash language and literature, history and culture of the native land, students, public figures.


Deputy Director of the National Library Galina Bykova noted the great contribution of outstanding researchers to the study and preservation of the Chuvash language. The event was led by the leading researcher of the Chuvash State Institute of Human Sciences, candidate of philological sciences Gennady Degtyarev. He noted that Mikhail Sirotkin was one of the first to write about pre-revolutionary and Soviet Chuvash literature, he wrote many textbooks for schools. The publication of the 17-volume “Dictionary of the Chuvash language” by Nikolay Ashmarin is connected with the name of Nikolai Rezyukov. His “Comparative grammar of the Russian and Chuvash languages” still does not lose its relevance and is in great request among philologists, students, and teachers. The creative work of Sergei Yushkov is multifaceted, he is the author of a number of books on the method of teaching of  the Chuvash language in high school, and proved himself as a talented writer and poet.

Rosa Stepanova, an employee of the National Library, conducted a review of the book exhibition “Language is the wisdom and soul of the people”, dedicated to the anniversaries. The speech of Sergey Yushkov’s daughter , a teacher and a  poet Lyudmila Isaeva, was  penetrating. She  spoke about childhood and adolescence, the first literary steps, and the difficult life of her father, describing him as a man “very demanding, responsible, remaining in the soul of the peasant until the end of life”.

Songs written by Sergey Yushkov and Chuvash folk songs were sung at the event by famous Chuvash singers.

The participants of the round table expressed confidence that the rich heritage of Mikhail Sirotkin, Nikolai Rezyukov, Sergey Yushkov will not be erased in time, because their works forever entered the treasury of Chuvash linguistics and literary criticism.