On the 25th anniversary of the Union of Chuvash artists in the gallery «Silver Age» of the National Library of the Chuvash Republic on December 20, an art exhibition «With love for the people» was opened.

Photo report

The exhibition, which has become a result of the work of the creative team for a quarter of a century, consisted of more than 80 works of painting, drawing, sculpture, set design, decorative and applied art.

Among them are works by the honoured artist of the Russian Federation Vitaly Petrov, Tatyana Sharkova,  folk artists of Chuvashia Vladimir Ageev, Nikolai Enilin, Yuri Matrosov; honored artists of the Chuvash Republic Vladislav Zotikov, Vagiz Kamaletdinov, Stanislav Mikhailov, Peter Pupin, Valentin Fedorov, Vladimir Shvedov, Vasily Kuzmin and many others.

Exhibitors, creative intellectuals, media representatives, art lovers gathered at the anniversary celebration.

 The official ceremony was opened by the chairman of the Union of Chuvash Artists Valentin Fedorov. Many kind words and wishes for further creative success were told to the authors of the exhibition.

Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Yuri Viktorov highlighted the history of the creation of the union of Chuvash artists and the tendency of its formation, he noted the merits of the organization in preserving the cultural heritage and further developing the traditions of the Chuvash folk art. He claimed: «The work of outstanding masters gives all modern Chuvash art a national identity».

Honoured artist of Russia Vitaly Petrov  congratulated colleagues on the creative workshop with a significant event and noted that many of them successfully develop a theme related to the history and culture of their native people in their works.

Words of congratulations to the participants were heard from Nikolai Enilin, People’s Artist of the Chuvash Republic, Honoured Artist of Chuvashia Peter Pupin, Honoured Worker of Culture of Chuvashia Vasily Kuzmin. The speakers noted the tireless service of the members of the creative union to the native people, the Motherland, the highest goals of art.

Honoured Worker of Culture of the Chuvash Republic, a member of the Writers’ Union of the Russian Federation, editor of the magazine «Tovat Atal» Lidiya Filippova warmly congratulated  the participants on a significant event, verses in the author’s performance were heard.

The performance of the winner of the contest «My Soul – Romance» by Valentina Dvinova became the musical decoration of the opening day.