On February 20, the National Library of the Chuvash Republic held the first public lecture from the series “Poetry of G. Aigi in the Context of World Literature”, organized on the 85th anniversary of the national poet of Chuvashia.


The lecture of Atner Khuzangai, which was held within the framework of the Days of the  Memory of G. Aigi, was devoted to the spiritual and creative development of the poet. The multi-faceted image of the poet against the background of his era was given through the facts of biography, key events, the names of people who influenced his life and work.

A brilliant and complete review of G. Aigi’s publications of different years (presented at the exhibition), a story about a special language and system of images of his poetry (with declamations of poems), archival photos and videos helped listeners to immerse into the world of the poet, learn him as a translator, compiler of the anthology of Chuvash poetry, the organizer of international projects, as a public and popular person in the world of poetry and culture.

We thank Atner Petrovich for the excellent lecture! We remind you that the Days of the Memory of G. Aigi , and in their framework the exhibition of G. Aigi «Through time and space» will last until February 28, 2019.