The annual National Book Festival is a traditional, expected, bright, April event of the cultural life of Chuvashia. The permanent organizers of the festival are the Ministry of Culture of Chuvashia and the National Library of the Chuvash Republic.

The goals of the Festival remain unchanged for over 10 years. We expect to increase reader’s interest to national literature among the population of the republic. The festival contributes to the strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding of the peoples living in the republic, the education of a tolerant consciousness of the population.

The main events of the 2019 Festival will be held on April 15-25 in all cities and districts of the Chuvash Republic.

On April 15, the National Library of the Chuvash Republic held the presentation of the book «Heart, destined to love» of the national poet of Chuvashia Valeriy Turgai.

Photo report

The presentation was attended by state and public figures, teachers, journalists, writers and students. Greeting letters and telegrams from the republics of Belarus, Chechnya, Tatarstan, the Ulyanovsk region, St. Petersburg, etc. were addressed to the participants of the event.

The speakers noted the significant contribution of the national poet of Chuvashia Valeriy Turgai to the development of Chuvash literature, praised his literary activity. The honored worker of agriculture of the Russian Federation Vasiliy Shadrikov called the Chuvash poet a civil poet – a herald of public mood and feelings.

Candidate of Philology Nikolai Osipov noted the originality of the poetic mastery of Valeriy Turgai. The translation activity of the national poet was highlighted by the candidate of pedagogical sciences Vasiliy Pushkin. State and public figure Peter Ivantaev, honored trainer of the Russian Federation Vladimir Krasnov, Chuvash poetess Raisa Sarbi and others wished the poet further success in the creative work.

The presentation included poems of the poet recited by pupils of the Kalinin secondary school. Unforgettable musical performance was presented to the audience by the folklore group «Yantal». The event was accompanied by the book exhibition «Valeriy Turgai: poet, translator…».