An unusually strict and laconic exhibition «A gratitude to Aigi. Graphics by Igor Ulangin» was opened on February 18. The event took place in the gallery «Silver Age» of  the National Library of the Chuvash Republic during the Days of memory of the national poet of Chuvashia Gennady Aigi.

Photo report

The exhibition that combines two names is divided into two parts. On the one hand – black and white: graphics, texts, book layouts and drawings of the artist for the publications of K. M. Belman in the Chuvash language (the translator and editor G. Aigi) of the 1990s. On the other hand, there are already colored pictures of the artist’s unique book «A gratitude to singing» by G. Aigi (2019).

The vernissage brought together cultural and art workers, journalists and admirers of the work of the artist Igor Ulangin and the poet Gennady Aigi.

A solemn ceremony was opened by Oleg Ulangin, a curator of the exhibition and Igor’s brother: «The exhibition presents illustrations to the works of Karl Belman (a famous Swedish poet and musician of the 18th century) and a series of variations for G. Aigi’s book «A gratitude to singing». The autographs and editorial changes to the texts of Gennady Aigi deserve special attention».

The host of the evening Atner Khuzangai noted the uniqueness of Gennady Aigi in modern world literature, emphasized that the exhibition brings closer understanding of the depth of the artistic world of the outstanding poet and told about the artist Igor Ulangin as a publisher. He added that his first books were devoted to the poet’s work: «Many books by Igor Ulangin are associated with G. Aigi: «Wind on the Grass», «Fields of this Summer», «Aigi-Yakovlev», « A gratitude to singing » and some others.

The artists remembered Gennady Aigi with a deep sense of gratitude, talked about his influence on their creative self-expression and culture in general.

The exhibition will last until March 23.