Hall of National Cultures is a project of National Library which we plan to implement with support of national minority cultural associations of the Chuvash Republic.

Project’s Goals:

  • development and harmonization of interethnic and interreligious relationship;
  • creation of conditions for preservation of cultures of the peoples living in the Chuvash Republic.

Chuvashia is a multinational republic. More than 1 million people live here, more than 100 different nationalities, each of them has its own unique cultural peculiarities.

Online exhibition “Multicultural Chuvashia”

We organize:

  • presentations of new books by national authors,
  • literary soiree,
  • musical and poetical evenings,
  • lectures on literature,
  • round tables, conferences,
  • literary, ethnographical exhibitions,
  • exhibitions of local paintings,ethnographical collections, souvenirs,
  • exhibitions, meetings devoted to national holidays, traditions, etc,
  • film shows.

We invite You to the Hall of National Cultures!
Tel. (8352)23-02-17 ext.135