On June 15, the gallery “Silver Age” of the National Library of the Chuvash Republic presented the second exhibition of children’s drawings “The Fairy-Tale World of Friendship”, which gathered happy authors of drawings, true connoisseurs of fine arts and culture of China, and children from school camps.

The new exposition presents about 50 works of children from Chuvashia based on the Chinese fairy-tales and is the result of the event “Chuvashia – China” organized by the National Library of the Chuvash Republic within the framework of the international project “The Fairy-Tale World of Friendship”. The illustrations of children of the Chinese province of Anhui based on the Russian folk tales and fairy tales by Alexander Pushkin will be posted at the exhibition later.

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We remind that the first event “Novouralsk – Cheboksary: friendship through fairy-tales” was initiated in 2016 by the Central Library of the Novouralsk urban district of the Sverdlovsk region in cooperation with the National Library of the Chuvash Republic. The young citizens of Novouralsk drew illustrations to the tales of the Ural writers, and the children of the Chuvash Republic created drawings based on the Chuvash fairy-tales. All the drawings became an adornment of the gallery “Silver Age”.

Since that time the area of the project has expanded. Within the framework of the “Chuvashia-China” event, the children of our republic drew illustrations based on the Chinese fairy-tales, and the children from China created illustrations based on the Russian and Chuvash fairy-tales. Kanash Children’s Art School, Mariinskiy-Posad Children’s Art School, Cheboksary Children’s Art School # 2 participated in the event.
Incredibly beautiful works! Young artists from Chuvashia managed to convey the oriental flavor, in all the works one can see painstaking work on every detail, and the themes of fairy-tales immerse in the mysterious world of China, full of myths and legends.

Nadezhda Vishnevskaya, the head of the Foreign Literature Department of the National Library of the Chuvash Republic told how the project started, what inspired its creation and continuation, Larisa Kostrova, the member of the international union of teachers-artists, of the Center for Martial Arts “KEMPO”, the head of the School of Artistic Culture and Education, noted the importance of the project, since the children not only have the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of different peoples, but also self-develop by reading fairy-tales and creating excellent drawings.

The visitors were pleased with the wonderful performance made by the young artists of the children’s theater studio “VanGogi&Masters” and based on the Chinese folk tale “The Sun and the Moon”. It tells about the tragic fate of a young couple named Tayan and Yuelian. An interesting and unusual story, bright costumes and a fascinating play of children were clear to every spectator, a melodious Chinese music strengthened the inner action of the performance.

The visitors from China, graduate students of the Chuvash State University, Li Mei Qing and Huang Sin Hua, spoke with great warmth and kindness about the exhibition of children’s works, expressed gratitude to the young actors of the theater studio “VanGogi&Masters” for the unusual production and costumes sharing a joyful feeling “as if we were at home”.

Then Anastasia Danilova, the head of the club “Trip to Enigmatic China” of the Museum “Bichurin and Modernity”, told the guests about the invaluable scientific works of our outstanding countryman, the first Russian sinologist Nikita Bichurin, who played an invaluable role in overcoming the language barriers of Russia and China. She also noted that there are contests in the museum timed to the 240th anniversary of the birth of the orientalist. The head of the club invited the children who want to know the language of the country to the master classes in the Chinese language and culture.

On the website of the National Library there is an online exhibition “The Fairy-Tale World of Friendship” which allows you to plunge into the magical world of children’s drawings.

The exhibition is open until October 10, 2017!
Tel. number: 23-02-17 (ext. 136)