On November 3, the documentary art exhibition “Parallels: Myths and Legends in Poetry” has opened its doors at the National Library of the Chuvash Republic. The new exhibition is dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of the classic of Chuvash literature, teacher, ethnographer Mikhail Fedorov and the 115th anniversary of the publication of the legendary poem “Arshuri” (The Forest spirit).

In the culture of different peoples, with all their diversity, there are common values that pass down through generations and influence the formation of the cultural code of humanity. One of the main values is a respect for nature and love for the earth. In the mythological thinking of our ancestors, there was an idea of a spirit, the master of the forest, who acted as an intermediary between the human world and the world of nature. His image in different interpretations is found in many peoples, from mythology he migrated to the pages of artistic works.

The collective image of the Chuvash forest spirit in a poetic form was brilliantly revealed by Mikhail Fedorov, who devoted his life to the education of the Chuvash and Mari peoples. The poem “Arshuri” (The Forest spirit) created by him is the first original lyric-epic work of Chuvash literature, a genuine example of artistry, truthfulness and nationality.

The new exhibition was created by specialists of the National Library along with the artist Oleg Ulangin with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Chuvashia. The exhibition space represents an improvised forest. Next to the Chuvash Arshuri, there are realms of forest spirits from Russian, Tatar, Yakut, Veps, Mordovian, Komi, Mari poetry. The forest meadow is personified by a small platform for viewing documentary, animated films, filmstrips. The exhibition is interesting for both adults and children: the interactive zones are provided for quests, games, photo shoots, and aromatic journeys through the mysterious forest.

The guests of the exhibition have access to unique documents – handwritten editions and lists of the poem “Arshuri” by M. Fedorov, research, archive materials about the life and work of the Chuvash poet. The unusual interior is complemented by the works of Komi artist Svetlana Panina, Mari artist Ivan Yamberdov, Tatar artist Grigory Eidinov, Chuvash artist Vladimir Ageev, wooden compositions by Viktor Ryazantsev and others.

Evidently, the bright and original art decoration, the rich content of the exposition will allow you to get to know more about the poetry of different peoples and feel the indestructible relationship of man and nature.

We are waiting for everyone in the exhibition hall, room 217. The admission to the exhibition is free.

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