In the Year of Outstanding Countrymen, the National Library of the Chuvash Republic presents a new project – an exhibition of one book «Fyodor Pavlov “Yalta”». The exposition is dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the composer, playwright Fyodor Pavlov and the 100th anniversary of the publication of the book «Yalta» (In the Village).

Opening of the exhibition

Among the famous figures at the origins of professional art in the Chuvash Republic, who made a huge contribution to the development of national culture, the name of Fyodor Pavlovich Pavlov is one of the brightest. His talent is not limited to a particular kind of art. He is a playwright, poet, composer, actor, conductor, scientist, teacher, folklorist, public and political figure, organizer of musical education and the national choir, one of the founders of Chuvash dramaturgy and professional music. His literary, artistic, musical and creative heritage is a treasure of national classics.

Fyodor Pavlov was the first in the Chuvash dramaturgy who managed to create a whole gallery of bright and colorful images, showed he to be a deep connoisseur of human psychology and soul. The drama “Yalta”, written a hundred years ago, like all true masterpieces, has not lost its relevance to this day.

The new joint exhibition project of the library specialists and the artist Oleg Ulangin will allow you to touch the fate of our outstanding fellow countryman. Which had a personality of extraordinary spirituality and purity, and his multifaceted work reflected historical events and personal experiences.

The exposition consists of four sections. The first tells about the life path and creative heritage of Fyodor Pavlov, and the others introduce directly to the drama “Yalta”. Visitors will learn about the history of the creation of a dramatic work, its production in the Chuvash Theater. They will also be able to feel the atmosphere of the pre-revolutionary Chuvash village with its way of life, traditions and rituals.

The organizers, through an original artistic solution, tried to show the spirit of that time, the hard life of the Chuvash peasants. Special attention was paid to the recruiting rituals of the Chuvash.

We invite you to visit the exposition in the exhibition hall (room 114) of the National Library until March 15, 2023.