Continuing the cycle of events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of G. Aygi, on January 20, at the National Library of the Chuvash Republic a presentation held the one new edition published in St. Petersburg in 2023: Alexander Zhitenev’s unique research «Gennady Aygi: the poetics of the draft».

The monograph of the literary critic, Doctor of Philology A. Zhitenev (Voronezh) is devoted to the history of several poems by the national poet of Chuvashia, which, according to the author, have programmatic significance in his collection of poetic texts. The annotation to the edition says: «The interest of such stories is not only in the reconstruction of the literary and biographical context, in identifying intertextual or intermedial parallels. In the replacement of words, in the nuance of phrases, in the dynamics of compositional solutions, the universal logic of creativity, the logic of the development and completion of the text stands out. The poetics of the draft is the poetics of becoming, it transfers the researcher into creative work, in which the word is not yet addressed outward to the reader, but inward to the meanings that are obvious only to the author. The history of the text thus appears to be the history of hidden keys left in drafts of alternative solutions, the history of the secret and the non-obvious».

The video recording of the presentation will be available on the library’s YouTube channel