Autumn is the time of gathering harvest and summing up the results. Not by chance on the 29th of September a collection of poems written by  the winners of the contest ”Poets between us” was presented at the library.


The action took place from February and united non-professional poets of many districts and cities of Chuvashia. All the stages passed, competent jury selected the best creations, and the winners gathered in the Assembly hall of the national library. The published collection became a gift not only for authors, but also for all lovers of poetry. It should be noted that for most poets this is the first publication. That’s why it was so important to communicate with the members of the jury, with poets Peter Jakovlev and Lubov Petrova, who talked about the need for independence, originality in creativity, the struggle against poetic cliches and common places. It turned out to be a real holiday. The theme of the contest is connected with the Year of Mother and Father, this is a very personal and intimate theme, and poetry is marked by a pronounced personality principle, they are sincere, dedicated to the closest and dearest people. The collection contains many poems about mothers, parents, there are poems about the love to children and this is touching twofold. Our authors read their poems, and it’s nice to note that a few poems in the Chuvash language are already written songs. Gifts from the library added festive mood-books and pens, and the main gifts were performed by the national ensemble “Teley”, by Elvira Solovyeva, Alevtina Tolstova and the student of the Institute of Culture Galina Nikitina. A bright, kind atmosphere was in the hall during the presentation. The audience learned new poetic names, the authors of the collection got acquainted with each other, and we would like to wish poets new poems and new creative achievements.